Tom Apartments House rule


Our goal is to ensure your pleasant rest and to avoid possible misunderstandings, so we would like you to familiarize yourself with our policy!

When making a reservation, it is assumed that you know and accept this policy and that it will be observed.

We operate our guest house within the framework of private accommodation,

Upon arrival, the guest must hand over his personal documents (passport or identity card, residential address card) and the amount to be paid on site to the accommodation provider for data collection. Our guests can only book the rooms after paying the full participation fee!

By the full participation fee we mean the days booked in advance, in the event that they decide to end their stay here first, we will not be able to refund the money.

The accommodation can be booked between 14.00 and 20.00 on the day of arrival. If you arrive later, please inform us of your delay by phone! If you fail to do so, we may not be able to accommodate you.

You must leave the accommodation by 10.00 on the day of departure, otherwise we will charge a surcharge.

Upon arrival, our guests receive room and gate keys so that they can move around freely. On the day of departure, please leave the key on the outside of the room door!

Our guest house is a family business, our working hours are varied (mostly we adapt them to the arrival time of our guests), so when leaving, it may happen that you are not

we are able to escort our guests out, we apologize for this!

Visitors to the accommodation can only be received during the day, with the permission of the host.

In consideration of the silence order and our other guests, please refrain from all kinds of noisy activities! Furthermore, we ask that you drive quietly in the building when you arrive home at night or in the morning!

Smoking is prohibited in our rooms and apartments, only in the yard. (Applies to electronic cigarettes and IQOS as well!) Please dispose of the articles in the ashtrays reserved for this purpose!

Animals may only be brought into the accommodation with the permission of the owner!

We are not responsible for personal items left in the rooms!

The guest is responsible for his own behavior in and around the house, and bears the consequences of any accident.

Please respect the rules, protect the furnishings of the house, and do not take them out of the room (e.g. towels, small pillows, blankets)!

When leaving the rooms, please turn off the water and electricity, close the window and lock the door!

It is forbidden to bring any kind of flammable material or device into the rooms!

The person causing the damage or his legal representative must compensate for the damage caused in the accommodation area.

We ask our guests not to eat in the rooms! The kitchen is used for meals, please keep it clean! Everyone is obliged to wash used dishes and cutlery after themselves.

We collect waste selectively in our guest house! Please use plastic, aluminum and paper for this purpose put them in yellow bags and bins.

We reserve the right to select our clientele. We do not accept guests who are drunk or aggressive!

The owner has the right to cancel the accommodation if the guest does not comply with the house rules and if he disturbs the peace.

In case of violation of the policy, the accommodation may be cancelled. In this case, we are unable to reimburse the guest for any remaining days.

By using the accommodation, it goes without saying that the guest has read, understood and accepted the rules.

If you are satisfied with the hotel’s services, please write a review on our online platforms. We take any complaint into account and resolve it personally, during working hours from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. In such cases, please call one of the following phones: +36 30 3314559. +36 30 8696929.

Accommodation provider:

Tom Apartmans

Tamás Balaton


We wish you a pleasant relaxation and a good rest!